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Barrel Sauna made in Quebec

 Our barrel saunas are specially designed for durability, comfort while keeping the small details in mind. Our Panoramic Dome sauna is the only one on the market to be made with a thermos double layer acrylic window, which helps retain the heat on cold winter days. Our saunas can be set up according to your preferences and needs, as sizes range from accommodating 2 to 10 people comfortably. Made with knotty Canadian western red cedar, the barrel sauna is a beautiful addition to any backyard or outdoor space. Each barrel is hand made in Quebec with high quality materials, that is customizable.

Barrel Sauna for Sale with a double thermos layer Acrylic Window

Choose between a standard barrel sauna or a dome type panoramic acrylic sauna which if offered in a beautiful bronze colour. We have several accessories to offer you in order to have a sauna that will be ideal for you or your loved ones to enjoy, such as an electric stove, the possibility of adding a balcony as well as two free head rests and one towel hooks. Each sauna is personalized and you may choose which best suits your décor and preferences.

Panoramic Barrel Sauna

Easy to install, our Panoramic View Barrel Sauna will require a flat base and an electrical connection which should be completed by a qualified electrician. Our specialist may accompany you throughout your project in selecting the proper size and offer installation with little extra cost.

Our manufacturer brings precision and quality to all of its products and we recommend that you discover our range of products. Our barrels are suitable for both private or professional use. Perfect for rentals such as Airbnb, cottages, hotels, campsites and chalets.

Sauna Barrel Design

Our knotty western Canadian red cedar will provide a very pleasant and soothing scent with additional benefits such an antibacterial properties and natural oils.


The diameter of the barrel sauna is considerably higher than that of traditional saunas and therefore is much more spacious and very impressive in your garden. Especially the Acrylic Dome Barrel Sauna will offer additional space inside. The design and shape of the barrel sauna is designed to heat faster while maximizing good air circulation and vapours making it more efficient than square saunas. Made with quality knotty western Canadian red cedar, they are delivered un-dyed and will require that you add an exterior protection of your choice, giving you the option to choose the colour of your new barrel sauna and making it the perfect addition to your home or cottage.

Retreat to Your Barrel Sauna

For a weekend or more, treat yourself to a relaxing experience in your personal barrel sauna. And yes, no need to go abroad! Right now with the tough times of Covid19 it is virtually impossible to travel so why not imagine yourself vacationing in your sauna. For your stay, you have the choice as to the destination that requires your imagination; during your sauna session imagine yourself in France, in Japan, in Switzerland or even Hawaii, you can even opt for a spa formula by adding soft music and aromas of essential oil to your session! Escape for a sauna session in your garden, no need to take the car to the spa, you have only created the perfect environment for your daily relaxation. Break away from the monotony of everyday life and the stresses of life today. Every time you look at your sauna it is an invitation to relax and celebrate the senses in harmony, your stay will introduce you to the benefits of ultimate relaxation.

Rekindle your mind and body in your sauna perfectly designed for you and yours to discover the endless possibilities of relaxation and revitalization for your comfort after a busy day revitalize your sauna awaits you anytime, no need either to worry about your clothing, you are at home and can even do your session right before bedtime without having to drive afterwards, there is no better way to relax and end a beautiful day filled with gentle warmth. Year long; absolutely stunning! Now no need to neglect your routine or have excuses to take care of yourself, it’s easy, your sauna is waiting for you every day! Go to the challenge!

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