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Improve your health the natural way,
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Features Features CarbonWave 360

Sauna Features
Cabins models for 1 to 5 people

Sauna models ranging for 1 to 5 people

Montreal Saunas offers you 4 different to choose from, Sauna models ranging from 1 to 5 people
Infrared Saunas to see all 4 models.

Quality Kenwood AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA Sound System

Listen to your favourite music while relaxing in your home Infrared sauna. Instruction Manual
Sauna EZ Lean System

The Easy Lean Panel is a great feature to have

The easy lean will permit you to lie back directly against the infrared heaters and benefit from the heat rays.
Oxygen Ionizer

Sauna Ionizer

Air purification in the sauna cabine by releasing Ions directly in the air.
Cabins All Glass Doors

Sauna Tempered Glass Door

The infrared sauna tempered glass door is appeciated not only for the quality but also as a more open area avoiding a claustrophobic sensation while inside.All windows and doors come standard with tempered glass. Tempered glass is required to ensure that in the event that the glass were to break, it would not break like plate glass and have dangerous shards. Tempered glass will simply shatter into non dangerous pieces.
Inside/Outside Soft Touch Controls

Interiour / Exteriour control Panels

No need to get out of the sauna to adjust the temperature, our saunas offer two control panels, you get full control inside, even the lighting is at your finger tips.
Luxury Light Package

Luxurious external sauna lighting

Benefit of the LED lighting for a great sauna ambiance.

Saunas Chromotherapy

Sauna Chromotherapy

All our Infrared Saunas Offer the benefits of chromotherapy lighting and you will enjoy the seven (7) colour light therapy that is available in ALL our saunas. What is Chromotherapy...?
Sauna Cup Holders

Sauna Cup holders

Enjoy Water with two cup holder available for your convenience in the. infrared sauna while you get comfortable inside.
EZ Lock System

Sauna Easy Lock assembly.

Designed to improve the structure, the Easy lock eleminates the need for outside clips.
Adjustable Vents

Adjustable Sauna Vents

Enables a clean fresh air circulation, if desired.
Ergonomic Backrest

Sauna Backrest

You will not feel any burning effect or experience any hot spots while leaning and relaxing in the sauna. The CarbornWave 360 panels are revolutionary and exclusive found only in our saunas.
Floor and Leg Heating Panels

Heating Panels everywhere

Your feel and legs will also benefit from the infrared rays.
THICK Tongue & Groove Double Wall Construction

THICK Tongue & Groove Double Wall Construction

The interior of this sauna is a smooth sanded finish. No glazes or glosses are used on the inside to prevent against any possible off-gas. The exterior is a water based finish to give your sauna a polished furniture appeal. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Wood Options, Hemlock or Red Cedar

Superbe wood

Choose the wood option that you prefer !

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Malibu Infrared Sauna
Only $2,995

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DelMar Infrared Sauna
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Newport Infrared Sauna
Only $3,995

Hollywood Sauna
Hollywood Infrared Sauna
Only $4,395

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Sauna EZ Lean System
Wood Options, Hemlock or Red Cedar
Optional Red Cedar CarbonWave 360