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Improve your health the natural way,
by using the FAR Infrared Sauna !

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Sauna EZ Lean System
EZ Lean System
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Carbon Based CarbonWave 360 Technology.

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How To Use Your Infrared Sauna
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The Hollywood Sauna

This is the biggest sauna we have, all the space you need for yourself or family to enjoy. This model is powerful enough; it can even be used commercially. Accommodate easily 1 to 5 people. You will not regret this sauna. It’s the best Sauna you could get in the Infrared sauna industry !

Get all the Power you need with our most powerful FAR Infrared Sauna. The Hollywood is efficient by taking advantage of using the 220 Volts electricity. This sauna will cover a surface area of a whooping 6200 sq in, the biggest Infrared Sauna in today’s market.

Invite family and friends, you will experience the sauna benefits the very first time you will use this sauna. Get yourself one today.

Hollywood Infrared Sauna

Infrared Panels: 15

Panel Area: 4m² - 6200 Square inches²


Width: 186 cm - 73"
Depth: 127 cm - 50"
Height: 192 cm - 75"


Wattage: 2850 Watts
Amperage: 12 Amps
Circuit: Dedicated 220 Volt / 240 Volt
20 Amp circuit breaker outlet required

See more on the Covers Information for indoor use

White Glove Installation Service

Sauna Specifications

Sauna Installation Manual (PDF)
Kenwood CD Player Manual (PDF)

How to Use Your Infrared Sauna (PDF)
Sauna Chromotherapy Info (PDF)
Sauna Detox Programme (PDF)

Electricity (PDF)


DVD/MP3/LCD sound System

Optional DVD / MP3 / LCD

Wood Options, Hemlock or Red Cedar
Optional Red Cedar

Cabins All Glass Doors
Tempered All Glass Doors

Inside/Outside Soft Touch Controls
Soft Touch Controls

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